Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-07 08:29

Had a really delicious summer squash entree at Dettera last night. I believe it was cooked in their wood fire oven, with some nice small eggplants (Ola at Taproot calls them "fairy tale eggplants"), a few roasted cherry tomatoes, some kind of yellow sauce/puree, and this really thinly sliced and cooked fennel. I'd not normally say I'm a fan of summer squash or fennel (I hate licorice flavor) but both were excellent in this dish: the fennel was not prominently licorice and was a bit sweet and oniony. Chef there often seems to make dishes with food I don't particularly like that I end up enjoying (beets is another one that comes to mind). Sometimes it's just all about how something is cooked and what accompanies it.

My code releases at work seem to have gone well, which is a relief. I've not had a really bad release in a really long time, but there's always that possibility that we overlooked something and really take down our applications. We have ways to rollback the release, but we do it so rarely, that with the accompanying stress of the situation, makes it not as simple/quick as it could be, as I have to think about what to do, how to do it, in what order, etc. I guess I can return to normal work stress levels now, and also consider more ways to simplify releases and rollbacks.

I've also been thinking more about how this journal will work online. Lots of ideas that keep getting more complicated. At it's base I really don't need anything more than a bunch of html pages with a little css. But, it being my site, I do have an interest in trying out some other technology in a way that I couldn't running a blog on Wordpress (because it is so complicated and so reliant on its infrastructure). So now I'm thinking about caching and service workers and individually tagging sections of the writing, so if you just want the "comics" content maybe you can just see that content. I should probably release simple and then build up after that, as long as I get the permalinks settled.

I'm thinking the readable pages themselves will be weekly archives build up of daily posts, and the individual daily posts will just be JSON that I can then query if necessary for dynamic uses. I also want to find a good local search solution, though I'm not totally sure what that would be, as any sizable archive of posts will start to require more complicated tech to run.