Derik Badman's Journal


In July of 2019 I started writing a daily journal as an exercise (by 2020 less daily than a bunch of days a week). This site includes most of my entries, except where I decided the content was not something I wanted to publicly share. I've also redacted some content: names where the broader context was shareable or whole paragraphs. I oddly like the aesthetic of the blocked out words.

The list of categories shows the broader topics I write about and allows you to hide the content about those categories if you wish. Your choices will be remembered if you visit using the same browser (and haven't cleared all the data out of your browser). I'm only saving the list of "off" categories and no other data, and the data is saved locally in your browser not on the server.

Tags on entries show more specific topics, and can be browsed via the "Tags" link or by clicking on the tags themselves. Those pages only show parts of the posts tagged with that tag, not the whole post. Click the post title/date to go to the full post. Though I'm wavering of the usefuless of them as I have not been applying them uniformly/consistently.

Archive pages are monthly concatenations of entries. Be warned some of them may be long.

My current goal is to share a week's worth of posts at the beginning of each week (Sunday usually). Sometimes it's only every other week if I havent written a lot.

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