Derik Badman's Journal

2023-01-16 14:30

Just finished rereading The Last Samurai in a few days. Ended up just sitting reading on the couch for quite awhile both yesterday and today. I'd been struggling a bit with my reading choices lately and rereading a book I love so much was so wonderful and refreshing. I ended up rewatchin Seven Samurai yesterday too to go along, also have a book called The Last Samurai Reread to start now, which is (obviously I guess) a book about the novel. After last year's really long books theme (I did ended up reading at least 12 really long books as I planned though it ended up rather front loaded on the year), I'm thinking a theme or rereading would be good for this year.

Lianne found two cases worth of old barrister bookshelves nearby for us, and we spent Saturday installing them and filling them with all our fiction (minus the comics upstairs). I kept thinking "I should reread this" as I reshelved (a few "I should finally read this" too). Plenty of novels I can pull off the shelf and know I'll really enjoy. Might help slow down the new book acquisition too (especially if I keep up with my library borrowings in lieu of purchases).