Derik Badman's Journal

2019-09-03 08:29

Managed to get the first week or so of journal entries up yesterday. I implemented a filter on the markdown plugin I'm using that I can use to redact words in my posts. If it finds the strikethrough tag (<s> in html, ~~ in markdown), it replaces all the tags content with the unicode "full block" &#2588 character. That makes it easy for me to see in the original what I wrote, but also make sure it doesn't show when rendered to html.

I'm already, despite no one seeing the site yet, a little trepidatious about the content. Maybe it is stupid to share these daily writings, with so much content that is more about me just writing it down than about me thinking anyone will care to read it. Or maybe it doesn't matter because no one will read it (was anyone reading my old blog anymore? Will any of those people care to read this, a much less focused site?). On the other hand, is it that different than sharing on a social network, other than perhaps that I am not curating myself quite as much as I would on say Instagram or Twitter (really the only two social networks I even occasionally use anymore).

Woke up in the night feeling kind of shitty, was awake for maybe an hour, and it hasn't totally passed yet this morning, a wonderful way to start the week. I do feel good about getting the site up, and we're headed to the beach for the weekend which I am excited about, as I didn't think we were going to make it this year. We usually go this coming week (it's quiet after labor day and all the kids have gone back to school), but with a wedding next weekend we couldn't get away for a whole week.

Found out our next door neighbors, who, between them, in five years, I have exchanged about 3 words with, moved out. Wish I knew someone who wanted to move in next door to us, as the house will be going up for sale soon.