Derik Badman's Journal

2019-09-05 08:11

Trying out this open source note app Joplin in place of Evernote. You can write in Markdown, which is what I am using for my site generator, so I might avoid some of the issues I have with Evernote and it autoformatting when I use some Markdown tags.

I woke up in the middle of the night and was suddenly very nervous about my next code release for work. Setting up this load balanced chat app is a major change to our code base and because of the realtime nature of chat, potentially very disruptive if something goes wrong. We don't do code releases in September (because of the start of the school year since a majority of our customers are educational institutions), so it will also be two months worth of code changes rather than just one. I really don't want to think about it and be stressed, but I also need to think about it so I can prepare for problems or rolling back if something goes very wrong.

I gave up on A Stranger in Olondria after about 50 pages. The writing is just too much, too descriptive for me, and that, the narrator's impressions of everything, seems very much the point of the novel (the plot is so far quite light). I wanted to like it, but it's either just not for me, or it's the wrong time for me to be reading it. On the other hand I finished another 2 James Tiptree Jr. stories from the collection I am reading. I'm still enjoying them, but the longer one felt like it had a lot of setup that didn't pay out in the end. There was all this political and personal strife going on with the crew of this longterm space voyage, with a lot of really interesting setup and concepts, but then the primary climax about this weird alien creature felt like it had very little connection to all that set-up, unless that maybe that was the whole point. That all the human cruft that concerned the characters, in the end, was pointless in the face of something... not human. Hmm, I actually like that, maybe that was the point.

So far this app is pretty smooth as a writing experience goes. Nice and clean, it does some highlighting for Markdown tags, and there is an optional preview pane. I'll have to see how syncing works with my phone and what exporting is like to get to the site generator.