Derik Badman's Journal

2019-10-20 14:29

Nothing too much to say about yesterday. Breakfast at ███ ███ ███████, time at home cleaning up my computer Downloads folder, reading, and looking for an adventure to run next week, shopping for some cold weather clothes (uggh, at the mall), dinner at Ian and Kathy's. We did have pre-dinner beers at the new Ambler Beer place not too far north of town (walkable, though we didn't yesterday). They have some nice dark brews, and we hung out and played a game.

Ended up doing more shopping today, at the other mall, to get shoes. I sometimes think I'd like the idea of shopping for clothes if I didn't just hate most of the clothes I see in stores. Maybe I am just going to the completely wrong places, but so much of what I see if awful and ugly. There were a lot of things in Macy's that looked like 80s throwbacks (not in a good way) and a preponderance of camouflage prints. At least I found some shirts, sweaters, and shoes between the two days.

It's a dreary rainy day now, and I think I'll do a little work on the adventure for next week. I'm going to try generating a haunted house with Zzarchov Kowalksi's The Price of Evil. It's a generator using playing card draws to create a haunted house. The PCs are hired as a kind of cleanup crew so that it can be resold at a higher price (which motivates them to not just burn the whole thing down). It's like HGTV's Haunted House Flippers or something. I think that will appeal to everyone if I can generate something that seems fun and playable.