Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-08 06:45

I'm getting bad at keeping this to every day. I start work early so I can finish early and then... well I never was good at getting anything creative done at night. In college I had friends who would stay up all night working on projects, but I'd always just go to sleep and work on my stuff during the day.

Up at the crack of down this morning to help handle some server maintenance for work. Of course it was also a night where I woke up at like 3:30 or something and spent the rest of the night sleeping in bits and then waking up. It was like I'd be in that half asleep state and then something in my brain would give me a poke and I'd be awake again.

Sometimes I think I'm repeating myself a lot as I write here. I just started writing a sentence, had a vague sense, and then looking back realized I had already written almost the same sentence a few days ago.