Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-21 15:55

There comes a point in the day when I've been so focused on work that I can't remember what any of my other thoughts are or have been, what I did yesterday, or what I was going to write here. I sit to write and I end up writing something banal so I give up, or I can't think of anything at all so I give up.

I'm writing this, that's in quotes, as I walk to my shift at the co-op bagging groceries. I'm using the text-to-speech on my phone so I probably look crazy walking along the sidewalk talking into my phone like someone talking into an old tape voice recorder, as if I were making notes to give to my secretary to type in weird business correspondence to other people.

But it does make me make words, and in a different way because I'm not looking at them or thinking about spelling or punctuation, parentheses, which in writing I do normally overuse. So maybe I should get into the habit doing this a little more at least to jot down some kind of notes for future reference, well or reference when I then sit down to actually write.

It does make me walk slower though, so now I need to hurry.

(I did end up cleaning this up later.)