Derik Badman's Journal

2019-12-14 14:59

Another blustery rainy December day. Playing the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order again now I figured out how to advance. Had a big breakfast thanks to Ian, sat a bit (trying to do 10 minutes day), and then played some more of the game. Now it's this, sitting on the couch with Buddy, and then maybe a movie or maybe just reading more of one of my books. My box of stuff from the Old School Essentials Kickstarter showed up today, just in time, as I've been thinking about trying a D&D game with my work colleagues again. We tried... 2 years ago, I think, but had trouble getting enough people to show up regularly. We've hired a lot more people and more of them seem to play or have played in the past. I think the Old School Essentials rules will be a good set to use, as they are pretty basic, and with the nice layout I can send people a few page spreads and they can have all the reference material they need to play. Would just need to figure out a setting or a bunch of adventures to use.

I feel like earlier I had something I wanted to write about and now that I am sitting here, I have forgotten it all. I guess that's the way it goes sometimes... a lot of the times.