Derik Badman's Journal

2019-12-16 04:30

Drove up to visit mom and dad yesterday. I don't drive much, but when I do, and I'm by myself, it's a good time to listen to some music with a little more attention than I do while working. While they were up the other weekend Loren asked if we'd heard of this band The Lawrence Arms. I knew they had former members of a late 90's punk band I like, The Broadways, but I'd never really given them a good listen since I found that out. I ended up getting their greatest hits album this week We are the Champions of the World. I've been listening to it non-stop since. They have a sound that to me comes out of the 90s East Bay punk scene, kind of an evolved Crimpshrine and Jawbreaker (it helps that of the two singers one has a raspy voice like young Jeff Ott and the other sounds a lot like Blake from Jawbreaker). It's dynamic both in volume and speed. You can jump around to it and sing along, and the lyrics aren't stupid (at least what I can make out so far).