Derik Badman's Journal

2020-01-01 15:42

Just updated my online D&D 5e Character Sheet app for the various changes I've been working on. I have even had someone else put in a pull request on Github this week. I didn't realize anyone was paying attention. It should be a lot more usable now, and easier to organize information. Glad to get that resolved since we'll be starting a new campaign next week, with Ian taking over as DM. He started running it for me and another friend earlier last year, but we didn't get too far. I'm going to use the same character though. I guess I'll just pretend for a little while that I didn't already play through some of the events.

We also had an online meeting to make characters for Eric's next one-shot off his "tasting menu" of RPGs. This time we're trying Colonial Gothic 3rd ed., which is like Call of Cthulhu in colonial America but with d12s. I'm not convinced the rules are going to add anything that we can't already get from just using D&D or CoC and putting it in a historical setting. Though it is surprising how little support D&D in historical settings gets. TSR put out a few books for 2nd edition back in the 90s, but they weren't actually that good for helping someone run a game. They were more like history light with a bit of mechanics thrown in. I made up a pacifist Quaker doctor for this game. We'll see how I can do completely avoiding combat (not sure how combat heavy this game is). I don't even have a weapon on my equipment list, but I took a bunch of soft skills to help in conflict.

Work up at 3am this morning feeling shitty, and it has not totally abated as the day has gone on. Hopefully not an omen of the new year. Going to go drink gin and watch... probably more of The Expanse, as I've been working my way through the new 4th season. It's really good so far. It's a show that I kind of forget about, and am not too excited about a new season until I actually start watching it. They really manage to keep the plot interesting and to work with a surprising number of new and old characters. Often the disparate storylines feel completely separate until something late in the season pulls it all together.

I did read the first book the series is based on and was completely underwhelmed. A case where the adaptation is much better than the original.