Derik Badman's Journal

2020-01-16 06:53

It's release week so of course my scheduling plans fell apart almost immediately. Too many days needing to start early to get code out or fix bugs. Too many bugs which means more stress because we shouldn't be making these mistakes so much, though they are not all my fault. I still somehow feel responsible, even though I don't want to. There's not another option.

I've been watching Castle of Cagliostro on Netflix it's one of the early Miyazaki animes. I haven't seen it in a really long time. It's pretty amusing and nice to see animation that's still the old hand drawn style. Oddly what I'm finding most interesting as I watch is the difference between the audio dub and the subtitles. I pretty much always watch things with the closed captioning on because of my crappy hearing, and in this case I guess the captioning is the subtitles, and they are clearly very very different from the dub.

It's not just slight changes and phrasing it's places where there is dialogue and no subtitles or subtitles and no dialogue, and also sections that have rather different meanings. Some are subtler than others, but they show kind of a different view of the events. For instance, the princess of the small country in the movie in the subtitles was sent away to a convent but in the dub she was sent away to school. That is not just a difference of word choice. That's the best example that I can remember at this point but it's a lot of things like that which are kind of interesting.

In the end it's entertaining but not amazing. It's been a while since I watched any other Miyazaki movies to know how I feel about them now. The one I remember liking best is Totoro which I am amazed to see my speech to text can spell right. Maybe I should watch that again if it's on any of these services.

I kind of have this weird obsession with adding things to lists and then checking things off the list or removing them. So wish lists like on Amazon or queues like on Netflix become an issue. Either I just want to remove things to get them off the list, or I need to watch/buy/read them to get them off the list, so depending on the mood I'm in at the point when I am weeding the list, I have to do one or the other. In this case it was a combination of the two going through my Netflix queue which is how I ended up watching this movie over the past couple days in dribs and drabs. Actually don't have many other things in the Netflix queue but have a ton of things in my Criterion Channel one.