Derik Badman's Journal

2020-01-27 08:25

Been trying to sit (shikantaza) in the morning more. I sit and my thoughts turn to something I have to do, and the feeling that I need to get up and do that thing wells up in me. Then I dismiss that feeling, that thought... then a bit later another thing I feel I need to do comes up and again, the desire to get up and do it. Sometimes it's work stuff, or something to write down (like this current thought I'm writing), or today it was just the need to pick a bit of fuzz off the new curtains hanging on the closet in my office that used to be ugly folding doors. Eventually, I give in to the desire to get up. It's like my brain is creating todo lists constantly.

Though, not really, as yesterday afternoon I kind of ended up in a nothing to do place. Did a release of my character sheet app and wasn't ready to start on any more features. I didn't feel like watching a movie (though I still have Summer with Monika unfinished). I didn't have any video game to play (unless I restarted something old). Didn't really have any projects. I ended up just doing some reading, which sometimes I forget is a good way to spend part of the afternoon (I tend to do most of my reading these days in the evening before bed).

The new King Cat showed up, always a pleasant occurrence. It's like an old friend sending you a letter. I read that, and what can I say about it, Porcellino is always pretty consistent, a new issue is enjoyable and sometimes moving, but rarely unexpected.

Reread Frank Santoro's Pittsburgh which was definitely one of the best comics of last year. His way of working is almost the antithesis of the classic method of making comics. Don't erase the underdrawing (when there is one), don't cover up mistakes, don't hide the fixes (taped on panels, taped on drawing fixes), don't fill in the colors, don't ink, don't use consistent tools or palette, don't be precise and slick. It's wonderful to look at and read.