Derik Badman's Journal

2020-02-06 12:19

Over the past two weekends I dropped off a few boxes of books in a donation bin for Better World Books. While occasionally selling books to Powells has helped lessen the piles (though also getting me credit at Powells to... buy more books), it hasn't helped enough, especially for things that don't appear in their system or that they just never want. It got to the point where "donate with the least inconvenience" became the best option, one of my work colleagues mentioned Better World Books, and looking on their site I found there was a dropbox not far away (near the store where I go to get bird food, even). So that's a few boxes out of the house. There aren't even piles in the corner of my office anymore, just another box or two, of what are mostly art comics (some in French) that I feel I might find a better home for.

But then I look at what is on the shelves, and realize there are plenty more I could weed out. And then I end up buying more.... a couple comics showed up from France today.