Derik Badman's Journal

2020-02-11 08:53

I'm doing a tech talk for work on Thursday this week and having started the week with a long list of notes and no visuals or organization it's taking up a good about amount of my time, probably more than I would like. And so I will probably be negligent about my journaling this week.

I was originally trying to write about all the things I read or saw but I've certainly missed a few things over the past weeks: I read the new Crepax complete volume (it's probably been a few weeks ago), I read Tsuge's The Man Without Talent last week in the new English translation, I've been slowly reading the Aria: The Masterpiece volumes, probably other things. I find as I'm reading or watching I often have comments to make but then by the time I have time to write anything I've forgotten them all. I could probably take more notes in process progress but that can be disrupting to the flow of the work but it has certainly helped when I've done it for reviews.