Derik Badman's Journal

2020-02-14 07:06

A chittering flock of about a hundred small birds just passed over my head as I am walking to the bakery this morning. I couldn't get a good look at exactly what they were. It was pretty impressive, though they flew literally over my head so I was a little worried about getting hit (thankfully I didn't). It's a cold morning today, cloudy skies but not totally unpleasant.

My tech talk about HTML and Accessibility last night went pretty well. I find it hard to talk like that when I can't see my audience since we are all online, and there's no video or anything. You lose the ability to read the audience or interact with them in any way that isn't calling out questions into what seems like avoid. I find that really awkward when other people do it, so I don't though ██████ said I should have done that. I do think I mostly said what I wanted to say and hopefully people listened and learned something and my time preparing was not in vain.