Derik Badman's Journal

2020-03-09 11:47

Watched Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse last night. I enjoyed his previous movie The Witch, which was creepy and evocative. With this one I was left feeling less excited about it. It was still beautifully shot and creepy, but it felt a bit confusing in the end and not exactly aimless but not sure what it was about. Seemed to be primarily creepy and tense and strange just for the purpose of being creepy and tense and strange. I think it was one of those "person is maybe crazy maybe not" stories. The end wasn't clear how much of anything that happened in the movie had happened and in the end I don't know that I cared. But the black and white cinematography and composition of the shots was quite often lovely and some of the creepy supernatural factors were well done. The two leads seemed to be having a lot of fun with what they were doing and the dynamic was really good. Probably not one I would recommend to anybody though.