Derik Badman's Journal

2020-03-24 07:10

As of last night we are under a shelter in place rule. At least here, in this county and a bunch of others in the state, for some reason not the whole state. Basically that's just what everyone I know has been doing already, but with, I guess, legal authority backing the concept for people who are out needlessly. We can still go to the store and get takeout or delivery and take walks and such.

I'm out walking this morning and it's not exactly quiet, but it's human quiet. There are lots of birds I can hear quite well but very few cars, almost no cars so far even on my rather busy street. Passed a couple other walkers and one person getting picked up to probably go to work. Mostly it's just the birds, the squirrels, and me. I can hear a woodpecker and a dove and other birds that I don't really know how to identify, and some crows are flying overhead. I kind of think maybe the birds like this.