Derik Badman's Journal

2020-04-07 07:13

It's been quite the week for nature sightings. There were the ducks yesterday, and the day before there was a cute little white-throated sparrow in the yard at the bird feeder. He kind of looks like a regular house sparrow but has bright yellow above his eyes and black and white stripes going back on his head. And just as I was dictating that sentence I saw the female mallard in the street where I'm walking. No sign of the male, but I'm sure he's about somewhere. And just before that I saw three herons flying in the sky, not sure what kind probably blue as they are the most common around here. They were pretty far away but you can tell by their long legs and the way their heads and necks are when they fly.

But best of all last night at dinner time there were at least four fox kits out behind our house in the park. We couldn't see them really well so there may have been more than four, but we could see them playing back there with one of their parents. They were very cute and small almost the size of kittens and gray. They don't have the orange-red color yet. I've never seen them that young before. We had two younger ones playing in the yard in the past, but even by that point they were a little more grown up and more noticeably red and bushy.