Derik Badman's Journal

2020-04-18 13:14

Watched two movies by Maurice Pialat in the past couple days, A Nos Amours (1983) and Police (1985). Both are very naturalistic in their filming, not as austere as Rohmer but never anything flashy or unexpected. With the exception of some forward jumps in narrative time between scenes, everything is very clearly and simply shown. Sandrine Bonnaire, whom I recently saw in Agnes Varda's Vagabond and it turns out is the lead in Jacques Rivette's Joan of Arc movies (which I have yet to watch, but saw there is a new restoration of (there have been a lot of restorations/rereleases of his movies lately)), is the lead in the former, and is underutilized in the latter. A Nos Amours is primarily about her character's love life and struggles with her family. Pialat plays the father in it, and there's definitely a little creepy vibe about it. Police is a really laid back crime drama that I only barely finished. Neither are worth watching again.