Derik Badman's Journal

2020-04-30 08:28

Release week at work, but so far so good.

I'm again falling into that trap where I think about things to write at other parts of the day, don't take a note, and then by morning have forgotten all about it. Still reading Neveryona, still working on my third story, still doing a lot of video calls with friends. One good thing about this is we've ended up doing two calls now with my friend and his wife who live in Boston who I haven't talked to in a long while.

After writing about it the other day, I did end up doing some rewrites in my story, changing some portions of the plot and thus rewriting and deleting paragraphs I wrote. This story seems to keep getting longer as I fill in the details, though I also start to wonder how many of them are necessary. How much is superfluous? But then I also wonder: necessary to what? superfluous to what? To my entertainment in the writing? To my sense of just getting something done? Probably not. I can go on and on as long as I'm enjoying it.