Derik Badman's Journal

2020-05-11 08:58

Ran a session of Mausritter for the group yesterday. We made characters and then started with a mission. Light prep by me, but with some added details from the players, and drawing some connections to various elements already on the map, things came together ok. We didn't even really get into the rules as it never became necessary to need them. That will likely change as the party is about to work on a plan to invade the hideout of some cultist/bandits.

Yesterday's movie was Ozu's Good Morning. Like Tokyo Story I wasn't a huge fan of this one the first (and only) time I watched it, but I actually like this one more this time around. It's more of a comedy than the other late Ozu films, and the children are more prominent (not generally my favorite part of his movies), but it's also in brilliant color which always makes his compositions and attention to detail really pop. The narrative is based around a group of homes that are all within like 10 feet of each other in what seems like a really unusual setup. I'm not clear how realistic the closeness of the houses is for what doesn't seem like a real densely packed urban area. There is not a lot of drama in this one, it's lighter and amusing.