Derik Badman's Journal

2020-08-01 13:17

Finished the main storyline of Ghost of Tsushima yesterday. Overall, the story was pretty disappointing. Given no real choices (except right at the very very end you are given one choice, though I'm not sure it would really make a difference), the protagonist is frustrating, and most of the major friendly NPCs are a bit obnoxious. A major conflict in the game involves the protagonist's use of dishonorable fighting methods (i.e. being all Assassin's Creed), and in arguing with his asshole uncle/noble he never is just outright like "dude, I'm one guy basically fighting a whole invasion, of course I'm not going to just run up to the enemy fort and try to kill them all with a sword." Many of his decisions in regard to the main confict with the noble uncle are just stupid and illogical.

The game also continues an annoying tradition of video games that are all about killing, badly attempting to address that issue. Various characters give lip service at different times to the idea of all the killing being bad, yet of course there are almost no missions (I do remember... two) that are even possible non-violently. And one of the major decisions the protagonist makes that is considered the most problematic with the worst repercussions, is not one you have any choice in. It would have been way more interesting if they offered a choice and differing outcomes.

And throughout, it never gives up on the idea that samurai were somehow there to protect the people, like some kind of moral superhero, when really they were there to protect the ruling classes, enact their laws, which included throwing down rebellions and taking food (in form of payment/tax/tribute) the peasants grew.