Derik Badman's Journal

2020-09-24 08:18

Have had two fox sightings in the past 3 days: once he was on the old deck in our backyard, and this morning I saw him on the other side of the block walking around. Not sure if it's one of the adults or one of the juveniles, but I suspect it's an adult, since it's been alone both times that I could see. Hopefully the others are doing ok wherever they moved to.

Finished up The Wizard Knight the other night. I really enjoyed it, will surely read it again. The plot moves really fast at the end, jamming in a lot of action and revelations. I'm not sure if Wolfe just needed to get everything into a certain space or whether there's some more literary purpose to it. It's kind of a war at the end, and Wolfe does seem mostly uninterested in going on at length about large fights and battles. Sometimes I think he likes to hide revelations about the plot/characters/history by making them happen quickly and without much fanfare. At one point at the very end, this woman seems to get possessed by the ghost/spirit of the protagonist's mother. It happens suddenly and without any real comment or explanation. They have a brief conversation and then it's not mentioned again. When things like that happen earlier in the text there is often time to revisit them with new context or awareness, but late in the novel it all just happens and then is done.