Derik Badman's Journal

2020-10-31 10:48

Saturday feels like Sunday after having yesterday off.

Finished up Raised By Wolves yesterday, an engaging sci-fi show, but for me it feels like it constantly just raises more mysteries without resolving much of anything, which makes it not very narratively satisfying on some level, especially when the season ends with a whole host of new surprises and mysteries. How can the writers dig themselves out of that hole in a way that will end up being satisfying? Makes me think of Lost. Also, one of the bigger revelations at the end, was really pretty obvious from early on, which made it less "oh wow" and more "yeah, of course". For the most part the acting and production and setting are all really excellent, though the one lead guy who I know from Vikings feels like... he's kind of playing the same part.

This morning I watched Breadcrumb Trail a documentary about the band Slint. I've had Ian's copy of the DVD for years now, it kept disappearing on my desk because it's in a plain white sleeve. I finally put it someplace prominent and watched it. Slint has always had a bit of a mystique to them, and the film does a good job in at least providing insight into where they came from and how their albums came together. I remember first hearing them on WPRB (Princeton's radio station which reached us in Pennsylvania) while on my way to the comic book shop (so probably a Wednesday evening). Sometimes I'd hear new music I was interested in, and I'd have to listen really carefully, counting the number of songs until the d.j. would then recap what he just played in a very quiet almost monotone voice. Slint's Spiderland is one of those albums that I've never really grown cold on over the many years since I first got it (which must have been around 1993 maybe). Though I had totally forgotten there was a remaster plus bonus tracks edition which I've now downloaded for this week's listening.

At least one person I've seen so far is planning on doing #30dayscomics for November. I started that back in 2009 to force myself to make one comic a day for the month. Over time I got a few other people to join in. I think I only managed to keep myself going until 2012. Selections from that years project are in my old MadInkBeard No. 4 comic (readable online at that link). Will I really be able to go through with NaNoWriMo this year? I don't know, but I feel like I do need to find some focus for myself.