Derik Badman's Journal

2020-11-11 08:47

I started reading Balzac's Lost Illusions the other night. It's a very long book, so I expect I will be reading it for quite awhile. It was serialized in three parts, so perhaps I will take a break between those. It is so far very digressive. The narrator says he has to tell the story of how Lucien (the, or one of the, protagonist) meets a noblewoman, so he tells the story of the noblewoman's family, then her and how she became a patroness of the arts, and then he starts talking about some Baron who comes to meet the noblewoman, and... well I guess eventually he will get back around to Lucien. We will see how it goes.

I started rewatching David Milch's John From Cincinnati this morning, at least my third time. It is one of the most underrated tv series I can think of, so of course it was cancelled too soon (though since it was HBO at least it got a full season). It's a pretty mysterious show, in that it is not totally realist, there is a fantasical/mystical element that is not ever explained. Actually occurs to me to see if there is anything out there of Milch talking more about the show. I mostly see him talking about Deadwood, rarely about anything else.