Derik Badman's Journal

2020-12-01 09:06

Last evening as I was watching a movie before dinner, the heavy rain from the day had finally let up and the back yard was suffused with a yellow light. I tried to capture it in a photo but my camera just could not seem to pickup the color.

The Criterion Channel has a series up of Harold Pinter written films. I read a lot of Pinter in years past but have never seen any of the many movies he wrote (some based on his plays, some screenplays of other's works), though I did have a book of the screenplays that I read. Yesterday I watched The Servant (1963), which interestingly made a great follow-up to Parasite. The plot concerns a man who gets hired as a manservant to a wealthy young batchelor and then insinuates himself into basically controlling his life, including getting his lover hired as the maid. In many ways it is like the beginning of Parasite, but Pinter's screenplay is much subtler. While it is dramatic and filled with tension there is no eruption of violence (excepting the occasional slap to the face). Lives are at stake but not deaths, and for me it made it a more interesting and engaging movie.