Derik Badman's Journal

2020-12-31 08:33

The year is ending and I've fallen out of a lot of my morning habits (walking, sitting), mostly thanks to the weather (cold, rainy) and the darkness, normal winter stuff. Work has been stressful as I feel I'm dealing with a lot of issues that I don't exactly know how to deal with or are potential destructive (large database changes for instance, which if done wrong or timed poorly can cause downtime for customers). My job has always been a process of me learning, but at times I'm just not sure where to go next or how to deal with a problem and as any coder/designer knows sometimes the wishes of the client/customer/boss and the practicalities of actual, efficient implementation do not always meet.

Considering a look back at my 2020 posts to see what kind of favorites from the year I can extract, having at least mentioned, I think, most every movie I watched or book I read (music is even simpler since I can just search on date added in my music app (the excellent Swinsian for Mac)). I've been looking at a lot of best movies of the year list and finding there are a certain number of ones that show on a lot of the lists that I would heartily agree with. Books lists are harder, as there are so many books published and I don't tend to read a ton of new publications. The best comics list at The Comics Journal this year were also pretty foreign to me. I feel like I read very few comics this year, perhaps less than in any previous year I can think of.