Derik Badman's Journal

2021-01-08 08:35

One of the mainstays of the past year has been Thursday happy hours with my friends/D&D group. We get on video chat and talk and some of us drink and many of us are making dinner. Last night we ended up on old/bad/weird jobs people had, and I was once again reminded how lucky I've been in that regard. I have basically had 3 employers over the course of 28 years. I had 4 different jobs for the second employer over the course of ~14 years, but they were all a progression of differing library jobs.

I say "basically" because I also picked up some extra money a handful of times bussing tables at a restaurant my brother █████ used to work at (he was one of the chefs). But that was only for some busy evenings when they needed extra help, and I mostly did it as a way to spend some time with my brother. After the shift, he'd let me hang around a bit with him and his friends at the bar, which was really the only time we have socialized outside of the house or family gatherings.

I shuffled through a lot of books last night, feeling satisfied with none of them. I'll have to dig through the shelves later to find something for tonight, some novel I can reread... or maybe some comics to reread.

Just watched the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery which once again felt a little too action-y, giving shorter shrift thus to the interpersonal relations. I feel like sometimes the writers go too far into Star Wars land by having all these fight scenes, which is so not what Star Trek is all about.