Derik Badman's Journal

2021-01-22 07:45

Not sure where I heard about Mia Hansen-Løve, but I watched her film Things to Come on Criterion the other day. She is said to have been inpsired by Rohmer, and her films are compared to his, which must be what caught my interest. The comparison, based on this film at least, feels apt. It is a low drama realistic narrative about a woman dealing with a transitional period in her life. It is quiet and plain, nothing flashy, nothing shocking, no plot twists, but it also felt very human, considered, thoughtful. Like Rohmer there are references to philosophy and religion. Unlike Rohmer (much of his films at least) this is not about romance, rather we see the protagonist as her husband leaves her, her mother dies, etc. I'll be looking up more of her films (there are three playing on Criterion).