Derik Badman's Journal

2021-01-26 08:21

We finished our rewatch of Deadwood the other night with the movie from 2019 that takes place 10 years after the ending of the season 3 finale. Season 3 ends without much resolution (as one would expect since it wasn't a planned end to the series), and the movie acts more as an epilogue than anything else. You could never watch it on its own, despite the few flashbacks to the series it offers as a mostly pointless attempt to fill in back plot. Other than the change in most of the characters' appearance, the 10 years of time passing has only minimal markers on the situation at the camp. Some characters seem to have stood still, which from a narrative standpoint makes sense, so there's multiple storylines to be had. It's a satisfactory enough ending, exuding "reunion" and offering a number of callbacks such that it teeters on fan service, though who else was there to please?

As a followup we watched the first episode of David Simon's (the other HBO David) The Plot Against America. So far I am a little bored with it and a lot unclear of what the actual plot is, it is so far all setting. I'm not super motivated to watch more.