Derik Badman's Journal

2021-02-16 07:58

Feeling the pull of spring. When I wake up in the morning it is no longer pitch black out. Such a little thing but it makes the morning a bit better, especially after a night of poor sleep. I realized this morning that I tend to repeat some mantras to myself in the shower many mornings: "I just don't know," and "I can do this." They just come out sometimes... me facing the unknown and trying to inspire some confidence I guess. It's not even something I really do consciously.

Did some rare work-like reading yesterday, a chapter in one of my Smashing Magazine books about service workers. I have one setup for my online character sheet up, but it's really only the bare minimum and I'm not sure I totally did it right (since really I'm the only one using that app it doesn't really matter that much). It did make me want to try out something a little more complicated. I'd really like to get my character sheet app working with a remote database as well as offline, but I'm not totally sure how I'd handle syncing up changes if the data changed both online and offline, or even how I'd be sure it had changed. Maybe something else I can do some research on, as I'm sure there are ways to handle it. Would need some kind of conflict resolver in the UI. It might be a good chance to try out some db services that use GraphQL, something I've been wanting to learn.