Derik Badman's Journal

2021-03-10 08:22

Landscapers started work yesterday in the yard. We've been in our house almost 6 years now and let large parts of the yard just get completely overgrown. The garage was covered in vines (Was! As of yesterday afternoon, it isn't), areas were taken over by what the landscaper called "weed trees", one of the walkways around the house was almost completely obscured, including some steps and a small brick wall. They are basically ripping out almost everything and then are going to put in some grass seed and plant some bushes. The idea being we'll get a fresh start and can attempt to keep up with it better.

Been watching Von Sternberg's Morocco in tiny bits. It's not as interesting as Shanghai Express but at this point I'm at least determined to finish it. The whole movie feels like it is lacking tension in its primary romantic plot, and there's not much else to it but that plot. Not even much in the way of striking imagery.

Was going to start messing about in Krita on a new comic, so I installed the latest version, and then on the second action I tried to take (copying a layer mask) the app crashed. Reopened, tried again, crashed. Turns out there's a bug, so I was thwarted, which I think put me in a mood for the rest of the day. But it was a beautiful day out (in the 60s) when I took a walk down to the library to pick up the new Arkady Martine novel A Desolation Called Peace, a sequel to her A Memory Called Empire which I really liked.