Derik Badman's Journal

2021-04-03 10:45

Still reading Warlock (it's fairly long, a lot more going on than in the movie) and enjoying it. Still watching the last Doctor Who season which I'm getting a little bored with. I feel like they are underusing the companions, particularly Yaz. She's a police officer who basically ran away from her job in her first episode, and then they never really use that fact except one or two episodes early on when they are in their home town. She also has no real... storyline... or consistent traits (which at least is the case for the other two companions). The episodes have also been fairly heavy-handed and obvious about their themes of contemporary relevance. It's good they are trying to work their sci-fi stories with themes relevant to contemporary society (tons of good sci-fi does this), but it always comes off being really shallow and really preachy. One where they discover the post-apocalytic world they are on is gasp actually Earth in the future is particularly egregious.