Derik Badman's Journal

2021-04-21 08:38

Walking for coffee this morning I could hear a really loud goose honking. I looked up, as usually the geese are just flying over town, and instead saw two ducks pass by. A block later I found the goose. He was standing high up on the flat part of one of the churches in town's roof. Free alarm clock for all the neighbors.

Been watching Renoir's Rules of the Game, which I am not sure if I ever watched (if so many many years ago). It's one of those movies that's always highly ranked on "greatest movies" list (with Vertigo and Citizen Kane and Tokyo Story), but I am finding it rather... pedestrian, not bad, but not particularly impressive. On the whole it feels very dated as a film both visually and narratively. Upper class French people and their servants and their affairs. There is also a disturbingly too long scene of the hunting where lots of rabbits are running about and getting shot, and I kind of think at that time and place those rabbits were actually getting shot. I almost just stopped watching it there.