Derik Badman's Journal

2021-06-13 08:46

I slip away from writing here more and more as other activities steal away my time. Into Mass Effect 3 at this point, playing with a certain obsession that I recall from previous playthroughs, interestingly I am finding new parts of the game (or at least parts I haven't seen before), possibility related to slightly different choices I made in the first or second one?

We were up at mom and dad's last weekend to spend time with the family. It was nice to get to just hang out a bit and catch up. This week we even ate inside at Dettera, and then ended up out Friday night for food truck and beer at one of the local breweries. Also went back to my barber this week for the first time since last February. This Saturday we are having our first in-person D&D game since... last February I guess. Around here, for us, things have become almost normal again, which I know is partially at least a result of class and geography.

Can barely recall what I have been reading all week. I finished rereading all of Shirow's Appleseed chapters, including the one that just cuts off and was never continued. Almost feel like I could write an essay about them and my feelings on them, as there is a lot of nostalgia in it, but also they are interesting sci-fi. Another comic left unfinished.

Started up on another Lois McMaster Bujold novel, The Hallowed Hunt, the third in the very loose series set in the same world, this one seems even further removed from the other two. But, like the others, features protagonists who are wrapped up in religious-magical experiences that they don't understand, the resolution of which forms the greater part of the narrative (at least it so far looks like that is also the case for this third one).

Finished up season 2 of Doom Patrol this morning, still half annoyed with it, because of the annoying kid and how much plot time she takes up, but sticking around for the other parts of the show.