Derik Badman's Journal

2021-09-17 08:24

Richie's commentary on Early Summer was quite good. He focuses more on genre and structure and the contemporaneous culture than Bordwell, so it didn't feel like a ton of repetition. Richie also lived in Japan a long time and had even met Ozu, so he adds a little more personal flavor.

Not much else going on here, it is now Friday and I failed to get to a bunch of things I was hoping to this week. Didn't get through the DVDs I brought (except those Ozu commentaries since I could also get them online). Only did one of the two reviews I was going to write (I am not totally feeling the other one yet, but maybe I'll work on it back at home). Didn't try out a game of Thousand Year Old Vampire. Didn't even revisit reading my short stories. Oh well. I guess sometimes I just need to not get too much done after all the weeks of working too much.