Derik Badman's Journal

2022-01-01 09:43

New year started with fireworks waking me up, since I went to sleep around 11.

Am I trying to get back into writing here for the new year? Maybe?

Finished up my reread of Le Guin's Five Ways to Forgiveness (in vol.2 of the Library of America Hainish series) and was again really impressed with it. Five short stories (though in total it's about the length of a novel) that center on a society built around slavery. Over the course of the stories various characters interact (many of them appearing as protagonists in one story and minor characters in another) during a period of slave revolution. She doesn't focus on battles or big moments, but rather takes time to look at relationships, usually between 2 people or a single person and a handful of others they interact with. Two are more like life stories (one alien to the world, one born a slave), others just cover a rather brief period of time. Collectively they build a larger picture, very much a novel in stories.

More coding work, yesterday I released a v3 of my D&D 5e Character Sheet app, now using Firebase for remote storage and syncing. Still learning a lot by these projects, and having fun with them when I'm not stuck on stupid stuff (see my previous complaints about my attempts with Angular and Firebase). Working on converting my other app out of Angular into vanilla javascript.

New year does mean cleaning up and cleaning out: going through saved articles in my RSS reader, Feedly which I am still very happy with; cleaning out downloaded files; finally cleaning out and deleting Evernote (which I've been increasingly unhappy with); cleaning off my desk.

It's foggy and rainy today, not an auspicious start to the year.