Derik Badman's Journal

2022-02-12 13:28

Sitting on the floor in the sun with Buddy. He purrs as I pet him.

About a third of the way through Bleak House and really enjoying it. I've been trying to read it in one serialized section a night (there are 19, though the last is double size). Lots of distinctive characters (as one would expect from Dickens), lots of well limned locations, and of course a profusion of coincidences and mysterious (at first) connections between the characters.

It's the first of a few long novels I plan to (re)read this year, having decided for some reason I should think about it ahead of time. Since it is the 100th anniversary of Ulysses I figure to read that again, perhaps preceding that by Dubliners and Portrait of the Artist, none of which I've read in many year. I'm also going to reread The Recognitions as I did so enjoy rereading JR last year. Will have to intersperse these longer works with shorter ones I think.