Derik Badman's Journal

2022-11-30 07:51

Reread all the Jaime Hernandez Locas stories over the past couple weekends. The way that really compresses time was interesting, moving through decades of comics, which was decades of the characters' lives. At times I'd read a story that still felt "new" to me and I'd look at the date and it'd be like 2002, 20 years ago. The more recent stories, ones I am probably reading for only the second time, were a lot easier to piece together when read in succession rather than at the correct publication clip of about 2 issues a year.

How Jaime progresses the characters over the years, decades is such a strength of his, it never feels forced or abrupt (one exception may be Hopey's change at one point, but that is also after what feels like a long time having passed since we saw her). You get to the most recent issues and can almost forget how different they look from the earliest ones.