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2019-11-29 09:51

This review by Tegan O'Neil of Chris Ware's Rusty Brown really struck me. I've been debating whether to read the book or not. Ware is one of the greats in the field, but I accept more and more that he just isn't to my taste. O'Neil makes this statement:

The problem with Rusty Brown in 2019 is not that the book isn’t “good,” whatever the hell that means, but that it’s doing something not a lot of people in this field are going to find natural sympathy for in 2019 - this is, translating the idiom of mid-to-late century American realist fiction into the comics medium.

And that, in brief, summarizes my feeling. I'm not interested in that style of fiction. My touchstones of mid/late century American fiction are a mix of postmodern/metafiction and new wave science fiction (not to even get into non-American fiction like the oulipo and the nouveau roman), and despite his often experimental approach to his visual work, that's just not really the same genres as what Ware does. I think in another way, his super precise, flat drawing does not appeal to me. I can appreciate the skill of it, but it just doesn't excite me to look at it.

Regardless, I'll just borrow it from the library. It somehow feels like I shouldn't just ignore the book.

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