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2019-08-21 08:16

My other read of the day (in bed later) was Corto Maltese: The Early Years, the latest in IDW's reprints of the series. It appears they are down to two volumes left, the first and the last. This one is very brief (only 32 pages of the actual story) and rather uneventful, though at least for once we get a little context from the publisher that this was intended to go on longer but Pratt had some kind of disagreement with the publication that was serializing it. One thing that has really frustrated me about this edition, is how little they provide context to the comics. There is some Pratt biography and sketches, but they never even indicate what year the originals were from. And the numbering of the series only appears inside the back cover, and appears to be numbered via the internal timeline of the series, not the publication timeline, which adds to the confusion. I think I've been growing cold on this series over the past couple volumes, but now the two left are the ones I am much interested in reading, as the first volume is well regarded and I've read the last volume in French but was pretty confused by it (I think there was a lot of unusual terminology in it).

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