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2020-01-18 08:18

I have a three day weekend just starting and I'm hoping to accomplish something on some of my projects. I've still got a review to write about Junji Ito's No Longer Human which should probably take priority, since I get sent a review copy of it (and will get paid). I've been taking notes on a review of some other recent manga I read, though that was more an idea I had that I offered. And then there are more changes to my D&D character sheet app. I was trying to work out some views for it (as in model/view/controller), but after reading yesterday that with the new Edge release all evergreen modern browsers now support native Web Components, I really want to try writing some for the app instead. There are a bunch of parts of the sheet that I think would benefit from a Web Component approach, and it would be a good education for me. I've read about them at different times in the past, but with our legacy support at work I never got to try them out. I'll probably watch a movie or two also, see what will be leaving the Criterion Channel this month in case there is something I really want to watch. They have a series of 70s sci-fi movies for this month only, that I am sort of tempted by, but also sort of expect I might not like any of them and just be wasting my time.

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2019-12-24 02:44

Been working on one of my personal coding projects, an online (but it works offline) character sheet for D&D 5th edition. I've been using it for a while now (the repository has been there for more than 3 years), and since we are going to be playing that edition again soon, I thought I'd update it and improve some issues I've had using it.

My work the past 2 days involved updating the code to some of the latest javascript. Since I don't care about compatibility with old browsers (something that is always a drag in my job), I can actually use the latest features without worrying about polyfills or transpiling. This time I implemented the use of javascript modules with import/export statements. I broke up the code into more modules, and then added a simple event emitter to handle some communication between them. I also converted some of the objects to classes. Next up I plan to make some changes to the actual functionality to add better organization of notes (especially about NPCs), as in my previous uses I've often ended up with large textareas full of notes what were hard to differentiate.

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