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2019-09-24 13:25

Read Kevin Huizenga's The River at Night over the past two nights. Kind of a reread since it is a collection of the Ganges issues that I've read, and I don't think it has any added material (haven't confirmed that). It's been so many years over the course of that series that I've read the first ones numerous times (as each new issue came, I'd reread the previous), but I've not read the later (especially the last one) probably more than once. So reading the volume started out very familiar and then slowly became less and less so. By the end I felt and impatience and frutration with the book. The ending starts to become increasingly abstract and... confused. In a way it is completely on point, as the narrative is about the character Glenn being unable to get to sleep one night and the sense of impatience and frustration feels true. But in another way, it's not the best thing to feel as one reads. I'm not sure how purposeful it is. The end sections become fragmented, occasionally abstract, obscure, but in a way they do seem like a dream-like drift into sleep, which is perhaps what Huizenga was going for. So I think he was successfully, but also... by the end I just wanted the book to end. I'll have to reread it.

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