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2020-02-09 08:15

Star Trek: Picard, three episodes in, still entertains. It's slow moving, I think the idea of Star Trek stories that take more than the length of 2 episodes (or one movie) is still fairly novel. Discovery did it, but they also had a limited number of subplots and B stories. So far Picard is basically all one main plot, though split between mostly two focalizing characters. One place it really disappointed this time around (episode 3) is in the introduction of some new characters, one of whom is such a cliched "cool guy who had some traumatic event in the past and acts tough but really cares and oh yeah he smokes and drinks and of course his previous trauma has psychological connections to the current situation". It's lazy and boring and he's already the most annoying thing about the show. There was also one scene that Picard being a little too action hero-y considering how old he is. I was kind of worried that would happen and the writers would not... deal with it in a way that seems realistic (Picard would easily get beat up by trained Romulan assassin). Letting him get all action-y takes away from a clear theme of the show about his aging.

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2020-01-24 07:15

Watched the first episode of Star Trek: Picard last night and I'm interested. It so far feels different than other Trek shows. It's not, as of yet, at least, focused around a ship (or station) and a crew. It is also pretty wrapped up in events previous to the start of the show, some of which I'm not clear how they ended up in the timeline. Something about androids attacking... Mars or something. I don't think that happened in any of the shows or movies. Curious to see where it goes. It was a bit surprising to see how old Patrick Stewart is now after having so recently watched those episodes from 20 years ago.

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2020-01-21 01:07

Wired had a list of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes to watch in preparation/as background for the new Picard series that starts this week, so I ended up watching a bunch of them on my second monitor while I worked on my app over the weekend. I watch TNG when it first started (I remember watching the premier), but gave up on it before it ended (more, I think, because I was doing other things socially instead of watching it, whatever night it was on). I've seen various episodes in the meantime, but have never watched it all the way through like I have the other series.

These episodes were all, naturally, Picard-centric ones from across the seasons, a few I had seen and remember, some I have not or did not. My impression is that the later episodes got a little more into what I like about some of the other series, like continuing storylines, character progression, and a sense of time and history, rather than just episodic planet/situation of the week. Maybe I should watch the later seasons.

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