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2019-12-04 08:12

I occasionally read books for work related purposes, mostly related to web design (frontend, rather than the backend server side). I just finished Heydon Pickering's Inclusive Components which is based on his website of the same name. Oddly, I bought an ebook copy direct from his site and then like a week later an edition was announced from Smashing, which further solidifies my opinion that they make many of the best web design books. I've read a few of Pickering's books now, focused on accessibility and inclusive design. This one is quite good. It's divided up into different components like "Toggle Buttons", "Tabbed Interfaces", "Modal Dialogs", etc. And then in each he works through examples of each dealing with html, css, js (when necessary), accessibility, responsive design, progressive enhancement, etc. The content is solid, information, and entertaining, and while it is focused on a set of specific components, the advice and skills learned are generally applicable to other contexts.

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