Derik Badman's Journal

2019-07-16 08:39

Made the mistake of looking at Slack when I sat down at my desk, before I started writing here, so now it's half an hour later and I'm already work distracted. I believe a key element for my creativity is doing things before I start working, else then a lot of my thought and energy gets taken up by work. Coding is a rather more thought intensive work than any other job I've had, given a lack of meetings or surprise issues, it can be very sustained thoughtful work without a lot of dead time.

And now I already feel too distracted to write much.

I started playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey again this week. I've been playing that game on and off since last year. They keep releasing new DLC and updates with missions, so every now and then I turn it on again to play some more, then I get tired of it (it can get repetitive) and turn if off for awhile until the next DLC. It's probably good in that it has kept me from really starting some other game that would take up more time. Playing video games for me is an engaging way to spend time that doesn't require me to be too thoughtful: more active than tv/movies but less so than prepping my D&D game or writing. In that respect it becomes an easy way to spend a lot of time, as I get immersed in the games and their stories (I always prefer games with stories), and then time flies by and in the end I have not really accomplished anything. But, then again, why must I accomplish something? Is there some inherent good in just getting something done, regardless of what it is? Is me making a comic anymore worthwhile than just playing a video game? Particular if almost no one will see the comic I make anyway? Not that I've made a comic in probably years now. Maybe I already decided it wasn't worthwhile.