Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-04 09:55

Slow start to the morning, went out to get bagel sandwiches for us for breakfast. On the way I saw an odd cloud as I drove up the road, which I quickly realized was ascending smoke. Seems like the shopping center across the street from where I was going was on fire. The radio played news of the latest shooting massacres, 20 people in El Paso, and 9 in Dayton. The former apparently perpetrated by a white nationalist/anti-immigrant assault wielding asshole. The latter as yet unidentified. Time for all the right wing politicians to offer empty hypocritical words.

A package arrived from Copacetic Comics yesterday with Jon McNaught's Kingdom and Jaime Hernandez's Tonta. Read the former before bed last night and it was... boring. I haven't read any of McNaught's comics in awhile, so I thought I'd try one again as they seem like something I would like, everyday stories filled with nature and time passing, but the combination of the blobby color artwork and the lack of any clear motivating principal ends up boring me. This one has a mom and two kids going to some crappy seaside cabins and then not really doing anything. The older son is distant and mostly plays video games. Nothing really happens, and the whole thing is sad in a cheap embarrassing seaside resort way. In reading it, I'm just not clear about why the comic was made. There are these little vignettes but they don't seem to connect to any theme or any through line of plot or concept that I can identify other than "family goes to seaside." It just all feels so banal without a spark of interest to make it thought provoking in its banality.

Started again on working up a website for excerpts from this journal using Hexo, another node/js based static site generator. I was trying to use eleventy but was having a few issues getting what I wanted to work. Hexo's a little more specifically geared to blogs, so has a few built-in elements that help with that, so I don't need to do everything from scratch.

███ finally, after talking about it forever, adopted a puppy yesterday. She's a very tiny little reddish fox/terrier looking dog, with larger ears that are backed by fluffy fur. Neither Lianne nor I can imagine taking on the extra stress required of caring for such a small young dog (last night they apparently had to take her out every 2 hours).