Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-05 08:10

Lianne looked out one of our back windows yesterday afternoon and noticed an animal in a small tree that has grown in the part of our yard that has been left to (over)grow. A ground hog (who she spotted on the porch a few days ago) was climbing in the tree, seemingly eating the leaves or something on it, he got too far out on a thin branch and hung upside down for bit before falling to the ground (only 2 or 3 feet maybe). Of course I had to tweet to John Porcellino to report, since he's pretty much the first person I think of when I see a ground hog.

Quiet Sunday yesterday, still working out the new website with Hexo, which I think I will stick with for now, though I have found some of the documentation inadequate. I do have a basic pages being created now, so I just have to do actual design work next. I'm think I'll base the layout loosely on a piece of three hole punched lined paper, taking the idea of the three circles on the left and the light pink/blue color combination. We'll see if that works out or just ends up awful. I don't get to use many design skills at work so I'm very out of practice (did I ever have any practice) in dealing with anything beyond very simple placement of elements without a basic framework.

Still playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey even though I've finished all the main content and DLCs, now I'm just running around finishing up whatever side missions are left and continuing to admire the scenery. It really does make me want to play a D&D game in Ancient Greece, so I guess I haven't totally given up on that idea.

Started Gene Wolfe's The Book of the Long Sun this weekend. Like The Book of the New Sun it starts with a lot of unexplained setting content and unfamiliar words. A world that is a mix of low and high technology in what I am beginning to think is some kind of O'Neill cylinder, as the characters seem to see another landscape in the sky above them that is lit when they are at night and some kind of "shade" that makes me think there is a central column with a rotating sun-like light source (that would also lend credence to the term "long sun"). Curious to see where it is going, and of course the writing is amazing.