Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-11 11:25

Slow Sunday morning with a pancake breakfast at ███'s, followed by a trip to the Co-Op for a few nights' dinner ingredients. This time of year that mostly means supplementing whatever we bought at the farmer's market Saturday morning. Already used some of those things up last night making an attempt at capellini pomodoro, which ended up tasting ok, but not as good as I had hoped. I think the ratio of pasta to other ingredients (hard to call it a sauce in this case) was off. Too much pasta means too little tasting the fresh tomatoes and basil.

Later today, I'm going to make some cucumber salad for dinner. I've been working on gathering good recipes for all my favorite mayonnaise-based salads: cole slaw, potato, macaroni, cucumber. The cucumber and potato, which I've made a few times, are both really good and simple to make. Most years lately when we go to the shore for vacation I end up eating a lot of macaroni, potato, and cole slaw salads for lunches there. We're not getting down there this year, so I have to make do by figuring out my own versions to make so I can have a glorious meal of them all.

Finished up vol. 11 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt this morning, I continue to enjoy the series as entertainment, though it is not particularly deep. I appreciate that despite the mecha heavy book dressing (I don't think the covers ever show any of the characters) the plot is more about the characters than the fighting robots. I don't think I have much more to say about it than I have already in the past.

Last night we finished the new season (4) of Veronica Mars. We didn't rush through the season, and we were still rewatching the previous one, when the new one came out, so I've seen headlines online about the "surprise ending" and how fans were super upset about it, and I'd kind of been spoiled for which character it involved, but in the end my imaginings of the surprise were much more surprising and worthy of being upset about than what actually transpired. There's probably something to be said for people who really love a show and then are immediately ready to give up on it just because a character they like is killed. The fickle love of fans.